The Gili Islands

Gili Air
Gili Air



I arrived in Bali on the 15th and was collected at the airport by someone organised through my Homestay, Tirta Yoga in Padangbai. He was great, super friendly and full of information. He brought me straight to Tirta Yoga and checked me in. The room I stayed in had it’s own bathroom, double bed and fan, really clean and great location for the ferry to the Gili’s in the morning.

After arriving one of the locals picked me up and brought me to a local Beach. I honestly had no idea at the time where he was taking me and when he pulled up outside a forest trail he just pointed in some direction and spoke in Indonesian. I decided to follow where he was pointing and I’m so glad I did! The forest opened up to the most beautiful beach with some restaurants dotted along.

White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach

The next morning I was picked up to get the boat over to the Gili’s. I organised this through Tirta Yoga with one of the Fast Boat companies. It took around 2hrs to get to Gili Air. Once off the boat, I made my way to the next Homestay, Gecko Backpackers. The owner, Cici a French lady, welcomed me and gave me an induction to the island. She recommended great places to eat, things to do and the best places to catch the sunsets.

Once I settled in to my hut, I made my way to h2o Yoga and Meditation Centre. The centre is beautifully set with 2 outdoor shalas, a pool and cafe. I was in heaven! I got a timetable and bought a couple of passes for the week. That evening, I caught the sunset over at Mauwis where I got a delicious salad as well.

Sunset at Mauwis
Sunset at Mauwis


On Sunday, I got to do some snorkeling that I’d organised the day before. I went with a tour group of around 25 and did 4 drop offs, 1 in Gili Air, one in Gili Trawanga and 2 at Gili Meno. We got to see loads of different fish, turtles or beautiful coral. The session lasted around 4hrs and was really enjoyable!

That evening I had my first Yoga class with h2o. It was a Vinyasa Flow class and led by an Aussie girl Emma. It was a little different to the classes back home but it was good all the same! Afterwards, I got some dinner in a nearby cafe with one of the guys from the class, Tim. What a guy! Absolutely delighted to have met him on this trip!

On the Monday, I walked around the island and had a look in the shops. The Gili’s are so peaceful. There are no cars or motor bikes, just horse and cart or bikes! Also the people are so friendly and helpful. I could live here forever! I got some sunbathing done and headed over to h2o for their evening class. After this, I met up with Tim for some dinner at the Mexican Kitchen. This place is divine with an amazing view of the sunset and the staff are so friendly! We ended up coming here for food everyday at some point or another!

On Tuesday, myself and Tim decided to go over to Gili Trawanga for a look. We booked in to another Homestay where we both got double rooms with ensuites for about €12 each, so cheap! We got some food and then got ready to head out for the night. We made our way to a couple of bars but stayed in Jiggys for the night. The next day we were a little worse for wear so sat on the beach for the majority of the next day waiting for our boat back to Gili Air. Not a bad way to spend the day! 🙂

Tim and myself in Gili Trawangan
Tim and myself in Gili Trawangan


That evening, we met up with 4 others who were on our boat come over from Gili T. We all went for food in the Mexican Kitchen which was such a great time. As it was Tims last night, one of the locals Irwan, pulled out his guitar and played a couple of songs both in Indonesian and English. It was emotional to say the least! To finish off the night, we went to a beach party nearby to celebrate the full moon.

On Thursday, I went to an early class of yoga and then met Tim, Irwan, Timmo and Alex (2 of the lads we met on the boat). We all said our goodbyes to Tim who was leaving for a retreat in Bali. This guy really made the Gili’s so much more than I had thought it would be so I was sad saying goodbye but will for sure meet up again. The 3 of us went for a walk around the island and then over to the Mexican Kitchen for some juice. We ended up staying here for the whole day (and night) playing music, eating, singing and playing games. It really was such a perfect day! I met such talented and interesting people that day, I won’t forget it!

The Gili family
The Gili family at the Mexican Kitchen


On Friday, I left the Gili’s to go back to Bali for my flight to New Zealand. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone but I was super excited for the next leg of my journey. I learned a lot from the people I met in the Gili’s and now it all feels like a dream! I look forward to meeting everyone for a reunion some day! 🙂

I’ve uploaded pics in the gallery, and there are a few others on my Instagram. 🙂

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