An Oregon Road Trip – Nov 04 2018

Painted Hills, Oregon
Oregon in a weekend

I’m still reeling after the weekend. How could I have forgotten that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the USA? I spent 80% of my summer in different states so this weekend was truly a reminder of what a playground Oregon is. That you can take off without a plan and land in literally a magical place is incredible. No signal. No crazies. No stress. The last couple of weeks (or months really) have been pretty  hectic so when himself asked ‘What do you want to do this weekend?’, my immediate thought was, switch off. Continue reading “An Oregon Road Trip – Nov 04 2018”

Hiking and Grooving Outside

Seaside, Oregon

Agghhh things have been so busy lately I haven’t been able to keep up! I’m a couple weeks behind on this so I’m placing this post back to Saturday the 22nd of October. My friend Millie who I met when I was in Thailand came to visit for the week and what a great (but crazy!) time!

Mount Hood

On Saturday, we drove out to Mount Hood and hiked the Eagle Creek Trailhead to Tunnel Falls. The trip out is just stunning, passing Multnomagh Falls and driving alongside  the Columbia River Gorge  while taking in the gorgeous fall season is incredible.  We started off our hike at the Eagle Creek Trailhead and 2 miles in we reached Punchbowl Falls. We continued on and arrived at the High Bridge (about 3.3 miles in). Just as we hit the 6 mile mark we turned around the corner and found ourselves gawking at the 175ft Tunnel Falls. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen!

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