Compassion – how do we show up?


I don’t normally write posts like this but I felt compelled to throw this one out there.

How do we show up when we’re out in the world?  Where do we focus our energy and are we bringing out the best version of ourselves when we step outside? 

While waiting on the bus the other afternoon, a homeless guy jumped in my face and asked me for a dollar. I immediately got frustrated because he asks me this everyday and I brushed him off gruffly with a ‘no’. I had let my own frustrations and annoyances get the better of me and instead of taking the high ground, I was rude and dismissive. 3 minutes later a homeless woman approaches a blind guy asking for a dollar. He gave her all of the change he had in his pocket and apologized he didn’t have more. She approached me and asked the same question. Continue reading “Compassion – how do we show up?”