Holidays in Galway and Montana 12/19/17 – 01/03/18

Home, Galway
A holiday well spent traveling

Well I can hand on heart say that this was definitely a well traveled holiday season. From a work trip to Vegas, followed by 11 days in Ireland then a last minute trip to Bozeman Montana, I’m pretty confident that the PDX airport staff think that I work there! Continue reading “Holidays in Galway and Montana 12/19/17 – 01/03/18”

Winter in Oregon

Road to Mount Hood
Road to Mount Hood
Snow Snow Snow

So far I (mostly) love the winter in Oregon. It has been bitter cold but I had my first snow day last week and it was magical outside! There was weather warnings and all but to be honest, I didn’t pay any attention. Then, out of nowhere – BAM everything was white! I finished up early at work and headed home where there was an eggnog and snack party going on – love that! Everything froze over that night so it was another work from home day on Friday but everything was sooooo pretty!

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