Maui in 3.5 Days: My Little Guide

Marriott Wailea Beach Resort

I’ve somehow managed to justify flying 6 hrs one way for a long weekend since living in the US. Not in a million years would I have considered this back in Ireland! But I find myself putting in the mileage just for a few days – and it’s always worth it. One of the (and not to brag) many benefits of living in the PNW is the accessibility to Hawaii. Making it a perfect weekend getaway when you’ve had it up to your ears with the rain, cold and grey clouds. I’m not entirely complaining – I chose to live here knowing full well and appreciating the four season this magical part of the country gets. 🙂

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Mana Island & Cloud 9, Fiji May 13 – 16 2016

Mana Island, Fiji
Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island 

Part 2 of my Fiji trip was to spend a of days on one of the islands. The one I chose was Mana Island which is part of the Mamanuca Islands. I was booked in to a Backpackers hostel, Ratu Kinis Diving Resort. Both myself and Trish were picked up at Bamboo and brought to our transfer boat. The journey took about 45 mins and cost $F144 round trip.

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Nadi and Beachcomber, Fiji 09 May – 12 May 2016

Beachcomber Island, Fiji
Beachcomber Island, Fiji

I flew from Auckland to Nadi, Fiji with Fiji Airways and the flight took around 3 hours. They also run in the same time zone as New Zealand so thankfully I didn’t have to worry about mixing up my hours (As has happened in the past!).

I had arranged a shuttle from my hostel to come pick me up and sure enough they were there when I arrived. The hostel I stayed at was Bamboo Backpackers which is just about 10-15 minutes from the airport. The hostel is based right on the beach, has a pool, snooker table, bar, restaurant and lounge area. It’s a really social place where they have kava sessions every evening with live music. Kava is a root that they kind of stew as a cold tea. It’s delved out of a bowl and in this case 1 cup for everyone. It doesn’t have any alcohol in it but it will completely relax you and help you sleep. The taste has gotten mixed reviews but what the only way I can describe it is mud mixed with green tea!

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