NYC Chillin’

Central Park
Back to my NYC

I could honestly go back to NYC a bajillion times a year and wouldn’t get sick of it. If plan ‘A’ goes down the drain, no worries, there’s something else around the corner. Now, I’m sure this is true for most places and spaces but I can say from experience, that this place has nailed it for activities.

In the past, I’ve never really looked in to doing things like the Statue of Liberty, going to a show or checking out tourist sites but I gave an honest shot this time around. Saying that, basically none if it worked out but like I said, the plan B’s were better. 🙂 New York as whole is home to some of the greatest humans I know in the world, so my focus has always been to get out and see them. Since this was a quick trip though, I said I’d stay put in the city and hang tight with the slickers.

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Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24

Ponquogue Beach
Ponquogue Beach
Long Island and Quogue Shack Living

Ayayayaya…. New York. My home away from home. There are so many things I love about it and one of which is the water. I know that kind of sounds gross to start off with but you can’t beat the east coast sea for the heat! As beautiful as the PNW coast is,  the water is pretty baltic. So when it came up about booking a trip out to Long Island, I had the ticket paid for within minutes. Continue reading “Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24”

Portland, My Adopted City

Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland
I honestly can say that I have taken to this city much better than I had anticipated.


I thought I would never get over New Zealand and that nothing could beat it but Portland is making it tight. I’ve been in Portland for nearly two months now (where does time go, I honestly can’t believe it!) and I have completely adopted this city (or has it  adopted me?!). The scenery from the city (and pretty much from any where you are) is just beautiful. You can check out Mount Hood and St. Helen’s from most places, there are so many parks and the city itself is just so green! One of the parks that I pass everyday is Lownsdale Square which is located just downtown on 4th ave. It’s an ideal place to chill out in the shade, read a book and listen to people play the piano that’s left in front of the memorial statue. Another nice spot that I checked out today was Mount Tabor, which has stolen my heart. It’s only 20 mins outside of Portland and there’s a little bit for everyone here. I had an amazing time tanning myself (I didn’t realize how much I was craving the sun!), the views were incredible (hello Mt. Hood!) and there are sweet little treks here and there leading to different parks within it. I could happily spend every sunny day here!

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