Goodbye Bahrain

Budaiya Beach

My last few days have been pretty busy in BH between finishing up with some more site seeing, a massive party and heading out to sea for a boat trip. Don’t they say that sometimes you need a holiday after the holiday??

On Wed 9th, after some yoga and treating myself to a body scrub in the local beauticians, I helped Ruth start to preapre for the big party that she was planning to host on Thursday. When Kelly came home from work, she brought me to the Janabiya Royal Camel Farm. The background to this is that the King Sheikh Mohammad’s, uncle collects camels and keeps them in this farm area. He doesn’t use them for racing or meat, kind of just as pets? There’s about 600 in total and they’re seperated in to males, females and calves and then oldies or injured. They’re very friendly (other than the two who were rowing with each other) so we got to rub their noses. Some of them were chained to a peg with their front legs tied together but I didn’t see anyone to ask why this was.

We left for Budaiya beach afterwards which was beautiful. There’s a long promenade, a gorgeous sand beach and parks for people to relax on. This isn’t a swimming beach though and used mainly for walking and chilling out. There are a couple of unfinished high rises that kill the skyline but other than that it is definitely worth a visit.

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