Holidays in Galway and Montana 12/19/17 – 01/03/18

Home, Galway
A holiday well spent traveling

Well I can hand on heart say that this was definitely a well traveled holiday season. From a work trip to Vegas, followed by 11 days in Ireland then a last minute trip to Bozeman Montana, I’m pretty confident that the PDX airport staff think that I work there! Continue reading “Holidays in Galway and Montana 12/19/17 – 01/03/18”

San Francisco – August 2017

San Francisco
San Francisco

If you’re looking for night life, shopping, fun touristy things, lovely weather and good food – San Francisco is the spot.

When I was deciding where in America I should move to, San Francisco was a strong contender. Only for my gut said ‘ Go to Oregon Zita!’,  I would have ended up down there. I’m glad to know now that it still wouldn’t have been a wrong decision. This past August I was lucky enough to visit for two very different, very special occasions with two awesome sets of company. Full disclosure, I’ve no idea how this post is going to come out as I’m 3 months behind on it (actually to the day nearly lol!) and I’m dredging up a lot from my old lady memory bank. I’m really wheeling back the time machine wheels for this one haha! Continue reading “San Francisco – August 2017”

A Paddy in Colorado

Flatiron, Chutaqua Park, Boulder
View from Flatiron 2, Chautaqua Park, Boulder
Paddy’s Weekend in Fort Collins

I recently (well nearly a month ago now) took a trip to Colorado to visit two awesome friends of mine, Shannon and Erin. Our story is a great one but that’s for a whole different post. 🙂 Anyhow, they invited me over to visit them in Colorado for Paddy’s weekend, so how could I refuse? I booked my flight with United (eek) and packed my bag.

The two lovely ladies themselves live in a beautiful little city called Fort Collins. It was really easy to get here from Denver airport with ‘Green Ride‘. They’re a shuttle service who bring you to Fort Collins and Loveland with up to 18 services a day for each destination. Shannon fair play to her, organized this all for me and met me in Loveland near enough midnight (thanks United for the 2.5 hr delay).

Continue reading “A Paddy in Colorado”

Christmas in Ireland

 Shop Street, Galway
Back to Galway I Go

Door to door it took me around 19hrs to get back to Galway from Portland. To say I was exhausted when I arrived in Ireland is an understatement! I got the Go Bus from Dublin Airport to Galway city (Euros 18, 3hrs travel) and was so happy to see  Aoife waiting for me at the bus station. I came home a day earlier than what I had told people and Aoife kindly offered me a lift. So after some grub in Scotty’s we made way for Headford. Of course no one was home except a sleeping Brenda but the folks arrived in a little bit later. Brenda got some hilarious videos of mom, dad and Pat’s reactions (for which I’d be killed if I posted LOL) and I caught James the next day. Continue reading “Christmas in Ireland”