My Love, My New York

Central Park
Central Park
A guide to the city on a budget

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a huge love affair with New York. I recently took a trip out there with Korey (him working, me playing) and arriving back there felt as normal as returning to Galway. I’ve actually been in such a funk since leaving, I can only bring myself to write it up now.

This place can either be done on an absolute budget – or you can baller it out. I managed to swing both in (thanks to himself). The only way I’ve ever really travelled before has been on a small pocket. This would include couch surfing, dodgy, dirty hostels (always a fun time though), long bus rides, street food and basically winging it. I LOVE this though because a) I don’t make a million dollars and b) the people are always awesome that you meet along the way. So for this post, I’m going to focus on ‘economy traveling’  and hopefully it’ll give some tips on how to navigate around! Continue reading “My Love, My New York”

Getting to the Big Island: Waikiki –> Kona 17th – 18th May

Hawaiin Coastline
Hawaiin Coastline – Oahu

Finally, Aloha from Hawaii!

I’m backtracking a bit but here is a breakdown of my first part of Hawaii!

After an 11 hr layover in Auckland, where I hung out with my buddy James (who taught me frisbee, in which I’m terrible at but LOVE!), I set off for Hawaii. Now, I realized shortly before I departed Fiji that I mixed up my flights going from Oah’u to The Big Island, Hawai’i. This is all due to a time difference mix up but ANYHOO… with no place to stay in Hawaii organized (I had no Wifi for my last 4 days of Fiji) I set off in blind faith that everything would work out.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, NZ
Queenstown, NZ

Well, where do I start with this place. It was love instantaneously!

I arrived in Queenstown on the 7th of May and met Jenna (who I met couch surfing in Auckland) off the bus. I took the Connecta bus which picks you up just outside of the airport and drops you in the center of the town. The bus costs $12 and runs ever few minutes. Unfortunately my bag didn’t make it but on the plus side, I didn’t have to carry 17kilos around with me! We grabbed some food in Burgerfuel and made out way to Sir Cedricks Tahuna Pod Hostel where I was staying.

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Chiang Mai – Songkran

Songkran water fight
Songkran water fight

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, things have been so busy!

I decided to head back to Chiang Mai a day earlier than planned to catch Songkran. I’m so glad I did, it was absolutely brilliant! It was really easy to change my ticket and managed to book in to a hostel at last minute. The hostel I stayed in was Sunny’s and I will 100% recommend this place if going to Chiang Mai. The welcome I received was great, they provide towels, good WiFi (even in the dorms) and was really clean. The staff were super and arranged a taxi to bring me to the airport the next day – no worries! The location is perfect, near loads of restaurants, bars and the Night Bazaar and markets.

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