Climbing Mt. Adams


Yoga from camp

As I write this, my face feels like it’s melting off, my scalp is burnt and my neck and chest are beginning to itch.

Yes. This is a sunburn from hell.

But definitely worth it. (Well I’m sure I’ll think so in 3-4 days)

This past Saturday myself and himself decided to hike Mt. Adams. And no, it wasn’t just a last minute thing – this is something we had been talking about for a while. Soooo to celebrate my recent 200 RYT graduation (YAY!) we felt my first weekend free would be the time to do it. We checked the weather conditions and with nothing but blue skies, we gave it the green light.

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A Paddy in Colorado

Flatiron, Chutaqua Park, Boulder
View from Flatiron 2, Chautaqua Park, Boulder
Paddy’s Weekend in Fort Collins

I recently (well nearly a month ago now) took a trip to Colorado to visit two awesome friends of mine, Shannon and Erin. Our story is a great one but that’s for a whole different post. 🙂 Anyhow, they invited me over to visit them in Colorado for Paddy’s weekend, so how could I refuse? I booked my flight with United (eek) and packed my bag.

The two lovely ladies themselves live in a beautiful little city called Fort Collins. It was really easy to get here from Denver airport with ‘Green Ride‘. They’re a shuttle service who bring you to Fort Collins and Loveland with up to 18 services a day for each destination. Shannon fair play to her, organized this all for me and met me in Loveland near enough midnight (thanks United for the 2.5 hr delay).

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Kona, Hawaii May 19 – 22 2016

Aloha, Aloha, Aloha,

Kona is beautiful.

The beaches are white sand with crystal clear water, there are so many places to adventure and the people are super friendly. I could of easily sat tight here for the rest of my stay but I somehow limited it to 4 days.

Mike, my CS host couldn’t have been better. Not only did he teach me the rules of the road, (you can actually turn right on a red light if there’s no sign saying not to!) but he brought me to the most incredible places, places that I wouldn’t have found if left to my own devices! I’m going to break down the days just to give an idea of how things went 🙂

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