Climbing Mt. Adams


Yoga from camp

As I write this, my face feels like it’s melting off, my scalp is burnt and my neck and chest are beginning to itch.

Yes. This is a sunburn from hell.

But definitely worth it. (Well I’m sure I’ll think so in 3-4 days)

This past Saturday myself and himself decided to hike Mt. Adams. And no, it wasn’t just a last minute thing – this is something we had been talking about for a while. Soooo to celebrate my recent 200 RYT graduation (YAY!) we felt my first weekend free would be the time to do it. We checked the weather conditions and with nothing but blue skies, we gave it the green light.

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Glacier Park 07/11 – 07/18

Lake Ellen Wilson
Lake Ellen Wilson
Kicking off in Glacier Park

Aaaaaalrighty. FINALLY I’ve given a minute to catch up on the blog. This has been quite possibly the busiest, craziest summer I’ve ever had. I spent all year talking about how excited I was for an Oregon summer, yet I only spent a handful of weekends here. Anyhow – I’m going to kick off a series of posts with my first trip of the season, Montana. I can take zero credit for planning this trip. Himself did a mighty job co-ordinating it all from getting to Montana to the trails we were going to hike. We decided to drive and it normally takes around 10hrs to get to the west side of Glacier Park. We stopped half way in Spokane, WA though at the Davenport Lusso to break up the journey. Continue reading “Glacier Park 07/11 – 07/18”

Memorial Weekend – 1 Year Anniversary

Timothy Lake
Timothy Lake
Memorial Weekend

I can’t believe that a year has passed already since my move to Portland. Time has gone so fast and I can nearly say to the hour of the day what I was doing this time last year (chilling out with my cousin in Newport! 🙂 ). I had moved here right on Memorial weekend and my timing couldn’t of been better. Last year I did the Rose Festival thing and drank my way through all of the breweries the city had to offer. 2017’s weekend went slightly different. Continue reading “Memorial Weekend – 1 Year Anniversary”