California – Round 2

Downtown LA
Downtown LA

I don’t know what I’d do without California right now. It’s getting rightly ‘Brrrr’ outside and the rain is a most familiar thing. Now, I’m not complaining but I was more than happy to scoot on down south a little bit for a change in temperature!

So off I went Thursday night to meet Korey in LA. This time we stayed in the Marriott Beverly Hills which had such an amazing view of LA. Locationwise – I would probably go back to Santa Monica because who doesn’t want the beach on your doorstep? The interior is sleek though so can’t really be too fussy haha 😀

That night, we came across Sotto, a basement Italian restaurant and snacked on olives, bread, olive oil and wine. Lots of wine. Lots of tasty wine. 🙂 I loved this place, with it’s very chilled vibe and unreal bar tender! She was more than generous with our tasters and gave such great (accurate) descriptions of the different wines. Continue reading “California – Round 2”