Lately it feels like everything has been taken out from under my feet.

And I mean this in the best way possible.

It’s as if all I thought I knew has gone out the window. I’m no longer sticking my head in the sand voluntarily but am rising up to the challenge, taking on new projects and immersing myself in what’s going on around me. Be it good, bad or otherwise. Before startingt my teacher training, I thought I was living pretty honestly – with myself and others. I also thought I knew where I was taking myself career wise and personally. Well that all quickly flew out the window as I dove deep in to the Yamas, Niyamas and the Subtle Body.

As hard and raw as it can be, it’s been truthfully, an eye opening experience. It’s also confusing. Confusing as hell. I’m constantly questioning everything from what I say and do to what I eat. On this adventure though I seem to have found a voice. I’m reacting less. Understanding more. And being humbled by everything I absolutely have no idea about.

Something that I’ve been working on since it’s come up in class is Saucha – Purity. What am I letting in from the outside world? What am I ingesting on a day to day basis? What influencers are compromising my mind and decision making process? What foods are unsuitable and where do I find myself at the point of pure gluttony?

By unfollowing influencers on Instagram, unsubscribing from Netflix and switching off news and email alerts I seem to have purged the outside influences. It’s now added hours to my day. I’ve increased my yoga practice. I’m actually reading books again. Those National Geographic’s that I’ve been subscribed to for a year are now being opened. I’ve learned to take a pause. To run. To be more tolerant. And not when it’s unneeded. 

Today marks my 2 year, Portland anniversary. It’s been so quick and I haven’t regretted a minute of it. I’ve met a great guy who puts up with my crazy brain, built a community around interesting and fun hobbies, discovered how much I truly love  the outdoors and when I  just need to let things go. I love May 27th more than any other date on the calendar. It’s my New Year, my birthday and my reflection point all at once. I’m happy to be here. Happy to stay. Happy to grow.

Namaste blog following buddies.

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