New Orleans 07/28 – 07/30

Bourbon St
New Orleans and the FOMO

While I was in New York, Korey dropped the idea of heading to New Orleans that coming weekend. As a person who suffers from serious FOMO, there was obviously only one answer. 2 hours later, I was booked on to a 9am flight to Louisiana leaving Friday the 27th from PDX. After arriving home from NY the 24th, I  did a couple days work, packed and shot off again. Arriving in New Orleans thankfully wasn’t as much of a humidity shock as I had expected. That’s not to say my legs weren’t dripping (so lovely eh?) but it was definitely manageable. After picking up our car (the beautiful beast below) we made our way to the Moxy New Orleans.

Sleeping at the Moxy

Oh God, I was in love with this place  immediately. It was modern yet quirky and the staff were awesome. No two rooms are the same and ours was just flippin’ cute as a button. We both had some work to finish off but after that was tied away, we headed down to the bar for some drinks and chow. I opted for the hummus plate (honestly it’s like a cheeseless  pizza, phenomenal) and had one of their hurricane cocktails. Such a great start to the night!

Bourbon St

The Moxy is in the French Quarter which made it super east to get to places. The night we arrived, we took off for Bourbon St. I know this is probably the most touristy place you could go to but we said we’d check it out anyhow. Well the place was mayhem, And I loved every part of it. So much of the craziness reminded me of a night out in Galway or Dublin. The bars were  full of people, music was blaring out from everywhere, and folks were just druuuuunk and drankin’ more on the streets. The buildings were beautiful though and there was an old time, cultured feel to it. We bar hopped to quite a few places but one that was mental was Spirits on Bourbon. There’s this chair at the entrance that people sit in and the hostess spins you around, drops drink down your guzzler and throws a few slaps in for good measure. I was dying laughing at it all!

Frenchman St

The following day, we went to Cafe Du Monde to taste their famous Beignets. These are basically fried sugar donuts and people go WILD for them. Unfortunately for me, they weren’t vegan friendly but Korey gave a fairly positive report! 🙂 There was a long line to get in but just like Penny’s back home, it went super quick. They only accept cash though so if you find yourself visiting, keep that in mind!

Cafe Du Monde
Beignets (come as 3)

From here, we saw some AMAZING buskers in Jackson Square (just across the street), wandered around the French Market (soooo much to look at between voodoo dolls to food!) and then a quick stop for some local food. From here, we came across this busking magician (who had us both confused lol!) and made a straight shoot to the Spotted Cat Music Club. There was a fantastic Jazz band playing and we settled there for the next couple of hours. This place also is cash only but it does have an ATM inside.

French Market
Jackson Sq

The Spotted Cat

After that quietened down, we came across the Frenchman Art Market hosting some really interesting things. There was one stall with beautiful old cameras refurbished in to  light features, they were gorgeous! The person next to them had some awesome paintings, I could have stayed for hours go through them all! I did buy three of them but somehow managed to loose the bag during the remainder of the night >:( . I think we actually caught the market on it’s last week next to the Spotted Cat and it’s since moved over to St Claude Ave.

Light pieces in the Frenchman Art Market
Unfinished business

There are so many things to do and see within the city but if you take a drive outside there’s so much more. We took the car for a spin and checked out where Lil Wayne grew up (pretty wild!) but on the way there, I saw the most unique cemeteries. The next time I’m back (and I will 100% be back) I’d love to take a ramble through a few of them. That sounds pretty morbid but they’re actually stunning! There are also a bunch of vegan restaurants that would be on my exploration list as well as taking a ride on the bayou, visiting parks like Audubon Park and City Park and mansion shop down St. Charles Ave by street car.

There is definitely a feeling of some unfinished business here but I can’t wait for round 2!


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