My Travel Adventure

Bullhead Lake Trail

I left on a 3 month adventure back in March 2016, never to look back. In those few short months, I created memories and had experiences that have changed the way I think, live and be.

It was only the beginning though.

Since my move to the USA, I’ve been trying to tick off the states one by one.

And I’m slowly getting there.

One by one.

Each one is different. Each one has it’s ‘thing’. Each one I love.

I was fortunate to have found full time work with an awesome company here in Portland upon my arrival and it’s allowed me to actually have a ‘work-life‘ balance. With a flexible schedule, I’m able to scurry around on long weekends cramming in as much as I can. So my stays are mostly short. But they always leave me wanting to come back for more.


Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand