Hiking and Grooving Outside

Seaside, Oregon

Agghhh things have been so busy lately I haven’t been able to keep up! I’m a couple weeks behind on this so I’m placing this post back to Saturday the 22nd of October. My friend Millie who I met when I was in Thailand came to visit for the week and what a great (but crazy!) time!

Mount Hood

On Saturday, we drove out to Mount Hood and hiked the Eagle Creek Trailhead to Tunnel Falls. The trip out is just stunning, passing Multnomagh Falls and driving alongside  the Columbia River Gorge  while taking in the gorgeous fall season is incredible.  We started off our hike at the Eagle Creek Trailhead and 2 miles in we reached Punchbowl Falls. We continued on and arrived at the High Bridge (about 3.3 miles in). Just as we hit the 6 mile mark we turned around the corner and found ourselves gawking at the 175ft Tunnel Falls. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Tunnel Falls Hike, Oregon
Tunnel Falls Hike, Oregon


It’s a 12 mile hike (round trip) and we got to see tonnes of waterfalls on the way. It’s  a really exciting hike with different obstacles to overcome which made it all the better. There is loads to see and hear and smell even! The trail is rocky and muddy but it’s a total adventure. It took us around 4.5 hrs to do but we were basically running back because we were FAMISHED! I loved it though. The Tunnel Falls are just amazing and the whole experience is top of my list for things to do in Oregon!

Tunnel Falls Hike, Oregon
Tunnel Falls Hike, Oregon


That night we saw the WONDERFUL Tom Odell play in Doug Fir. We’d such a great time (two massive fans!) and were super excited to get so close! Doug Fir is a great spot for events and shows like this as it’s a small, intimate venue. I love it! To top it off, Sizzle Pie is right next to it so we filled ourselves with some delicious pizza before heading home for the night.

Tom Odel

Indian Beach and Seaside

On Sunday, the plan was to hike Multnomagh Falls but we’d a change of heart last minute in the morning. Instead, we took off to the South East of Portland and grabbed some breakfast in this  vegan restaurant called Portabello. When I say that this was incredible I mean like probably the best place I’ve eaten since I’ve gotten here (with the Bye and Bye being right next to it!). I can’t even remember what I ate but judging from the reviews and my housemates recommendations, you can’t go wrong!

After we filled ourselves up with coffee and munch we took off for the Pacific. I’d looked up a few places that morning and saw a light house that would be cool to check out. So off we went and ended up at Indian Beach in Ecola National Park. This place was just perfection. The weather was just perfect, there wasn’t a crowd, we had rocks to climb and got an awesome view of the lighthouse! You can get to a great view point at the beginning of the trail and it only takes 10 – 15 minutes to get to it!

Indian Beach, Oregon

We hung out here for a whileen and then made our way to Seaside which is only a 15 minute drive north. I’d been to Seaside once before but only to the beach. This time we took a stroll through to the town and got a vibe for the place. I’d say during the summer the place is absolutely thriving and it’s another one on my to see list for summer 2017!

Seaside, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon

The car had to be returned for 6 so off we went back to PDX. After a few wrong turns and cursing the GPS on my phone, we eventually made it to the airport. We rented from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and it cost about $96 for two days.

The following Friday, Korey and his friend Brent brought myself and Millie out to this place called Edgefield. All I can say is that it’s like a muggles Hogwarts of pubs! It’s basically a village with a bunch of pubs, wine bars, a spa and an outdoor fire pit. I loved it here. The outside is decorated with fairy lights and the gravel pathways add to the charm. I’d be more than happy to commit to a weekend of pampering and drinks here (hint hint!). 😀

Millie left me the next day (so sad) to finish off the rest of her trip. I had such a great time playing tour guide and was delighted she’d made it out for a visit. I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed that hard about anything since I’ve left home! I’ve missed her but looking forward the next time we meet up for another adventure.

Myself and Millie

I’ll have another post up shortly about my next weekend in Oregon! 😀

Pictures to follow shortly in the Gallery!

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