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So I had my first skiing lesson… in a mall… in the desert… in Dubai. It counts though right? It was cold and I had ski gear on so I’m ticking it off the bucket list! πŸ™‚ The Mall of Emirates have an incredible ski slope built within the mall itself. Not only do they have the facilities to ski and snow board but there’s also a zipline kind of thing called a snow bullet and you can also book an encounter with the penguins… PENGUINS!! You can book a lesson online or chance going down to the Mall itself. Do give yourself about half an hour to get all of your stuff together though as they are very prompt on time and will start the lesson without you. Also, mention at the counter about a locker as it’s not included.

To be able to go down the actual slopes though you have to have 4 lessons on a smaller slope with one of the instructors. It’s probably needed as the bigger slope can be kind of busy with more seasoned snow-goers. As I’m only here for the week, I won’t get the chance but hey maybe next time!

At Ski Dubai, they give you all the gear you need, snow jacket, pants, socks, boots and skis. I’m not sure if they give gloves because I had Mary’s with me. Β The lesson was an hour long and we were taught how to put on the skis, go forward, stop and how to go up slope. All very basic but necessary all the same. I got chatting to a lovely guy, Angel, from Panama who was holidaying with his dad. The company (and competition!) was great and before i knew it, the hour was up! Our instructors name was Sharon and she was really helpful and thorough throughout the lesson.

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

Following the skiing, I went down around the Marina for Β walk, the place really is beautiful and is probably my favourite spot in Dubai. For the evening, myself, Mary, Shane, Jaqueline, Christy and their friend Eamon went to the Wafi Mall to do an escape rooms challenge. Our theme was based on Ancient Egypt and although I was COMPLETELY winging it and honestly didn’t know what was going on most of the time, it was really fun! I’m pretty sure i don’t have a head for cracking codes though!

So Thursday was my first Paddy’s day away from home but I might have well of been back in Ireland – with a slight twist!

7 of us (Mary, Shane, Jaqueline, Christy, Jen and Michaela – Jen’s friend from Luxembourg) went to McGettings JLT and saw Hermitage Green playing. I was over the moon because they played in Galway the weekend I left Ireland and was sickened to have missed them so it all worked out. The place was jammers but not too hard to get in at the bar. They also had TG4 on and I got a glimpse of the Whileaways playing which was a great surprise! Around 1.30, a couple of us decided to head down to a beach bar called Barasti. We bumped in to Steven from the aquarium and he came along with us. Barasti was brilliant craic and is set down on the beach with a DJ’s stage set up.

Barasti Beach BAr
Barasti Beach Bar

On Friday, Jen, Michaela and myself headed down to JBR beach for a bit of sun and food. Our first stop was the Cheesecake Factory which was delicious. I didn’t realise that the menu was so big! They’ve lots of salads, burgers, pizzas and pastas to choose from so you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. The portions are massive though so if you do decide to go, ask for a small poriton.

After we finished our meals, we went for a walk along the beach, it was stunning! We saw a place renting out jet skiis, kayaks and other water sports so decided to rent out a couple of kayaks for half an hour. It was really relaxing getting out on to the sea and the view was amazing. Unfortunatley I left my camera behind so didn’t get any snaps, πŸ™ Here’s one from the beach though!Β 

Jumeirah Lake Towers Beach

Today, myself and Mary went to the beach again to get a bit of sun. In typical Paddy fashion we scalded ourselves in the 2 hrs we were there!

The week in Dubai has completely flown and I’m going to be devastated to say goodbye. I’ve met some great people over here and Mary’s friends have been really welcoming and great craic. I really will miss everyone and everything!

I leave for Oz today (the 19th) but won’t arrive until the 21st due to layovers and time differences so if contact is poor in the meantime I apologise!

Anyhow, ila al-liqa guys!

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

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