Climbing Mt. Adams


Yoga from camp

As I write this, my face feels like it’s melting off, my scalp is burnt and my neck and chest are beginning to itch.

Yes. This is a sunburn from hell.

But definitely worth it. (Well I’m sure I’ll think so in 3-4 days)

This past Saturday myself and himself decided to hike Mt. Adams. And no, it wasn’t just a last minute thing – this is something we had been talking about for a while. Soooo to celebrate my recent 200 RYT graduation (YAY!) we felt my first weekend free would be the time to do it. We checked the weather conditions and with nothing but blue skies, we gave it the green light.

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Labor Day Weekend

Space Needle, Seattle
Space Needle, Seattle


I love these summer weekends. They really are so much fun! Labor Day weekend was no different. Seattle was another random, sort of last minute trip that was planned at the tail end of California. Myself and Korey decided to head to Seattle for a couple days to catch the beginning of Bumbershoot. So I booked my Bolt bus ($25) and took the 3.5 hour journey up north to Washington on Thursday after work. I loved the city immediately, there’s a  lot going on up there as soon as you arrive. I got a  Lyft to the Renaissance hotel  where I dropped off my bags (in the Presidential Suite – Thank you Korey!) and went to meet some old friends from my Billabong days.

It was great catching up with Wes and his wife Carla who I’d met when I lived in New York back in 2011. It had been so long so it was great to catch up! We went to the Sarajevo Lounge for some drinks and food – which was DELICIOUS!! The service was amazing and I would 100% go back for the food! I’m very much looking forward to returning for round 2 with these guys. Korey picked me up after a little while and we took a spin around Capital Hill stopping before heading back to the hotel. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend”