San Francisco – August 2017

San Francisco
San Francisco

If you’re looking for night life, shopping, fun touristy things, lovely weather and good food – San Francisco is the spot.

When I was deciding where in America I should move to, San Francisco was a strong contender. Only for my gut said ‘ Go to Oregon Zita!’,  I would have ended up down there. I’m glad to know now that it still wouldn’t have been a wrong decision. This past August I was lucky enough to visit for two very different, very special occasions with two awesome sets of company. Full disclosure, I’ve no idea how this post is going to come out as I’m 3 months behind on it (actually to the day nearly lol!) and I’m dredging up a lot from my old lady memory bank. I’m really wheeling back the time machine wheels for this one haha! Continue reading “San Francisco – August 2017”

An Oregon Road Trip – Nov 04 2018

Painted Hills, Oregon
Oregon in a weekend

I’m still reeling after the weekend. How could I have forgotten that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the USA? I spent 80% of my summer in different states so this weekend was truly a reminder of what a playground Oregon is. That you can take off without a plan and land in literally a magical place is incredible. No signal. No crazies. No stress. The last couple of weeks (or months really) have been pretty  hectic so when himself asked ‘What do you want to do this weekend?’, my immediate thought was, switch off. Continue reading “An Oregon Road Trip – Nov 04 2018”

New Orleans 07/28 – 07/30

Bourbon St
New Orleans and the FOMO

While I was in New York, Korey dropped the idea of heading to New Orleans that coming weekend. As a person who suffers from serious FOMO, there was obviously only one answer. 2 hours later, I was booked on to a 9am flight to Louisiana leaving Friday the 27th from PDX. After arriving home from NY the 24th, I  did a couple days work, packed and shot off again. Arriving in New Orleans thankfully wasn’t as much of a humidity shock as I had expected. That’s not to say my legs weren’t dripping (so lovely eh?) but it was definitely manageable. After picking up our car (the beautiful beast below) we made our way to the Moxy New Orleans. Continue reading “New Orleans 07/28 – 07/30”

Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24

Ponquogue Beach
Ponquogue Beach
Long Island and Quogue Shack Living

Ayayayaya…. New York. My home away from home. There are so many things I love about it and one of which is the water. I know that kind of sounds gross to start off with but you can’t beat the east coast sea for the heat! As beautiful as the PNW coast is,  the water is pretty baltic. So when it came up about booking a trip out to Long Island, I had the ticket paid for within minutes. Continue reading “Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24”