NYC Chillin’

Central Park
Back to my NYC

I could honestly go back to NYC a bajillion times a year and wouldn’t get sick of it. If plan ‘A’ goes down the drain, no worries, there’s something else around the corner. Now, I’m sure this is true for most places and spaces but I can say from experience, that this place has nailed it for activities.

In the past, I’ve never really looked in to doing things like the Statue of Liberty, going to a show or checking out tourist sites but I gave an honest shot this time around. Saying that, basically none if it worked out but like I said, the plan B’s were better. 🙂 New York as whole is home to some of the greatest humans I know in the world, so my focus has always been to get out and see them. Since this was a quick trip though, I said I’d stay put in the city and hang tight with the slickers.

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Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24

Ponquogue Beach
Ponquogue Beach
Long Island and Quogue Shack Living

Ayayayaya…. New York. My home away from home. There are so many things I love about it and one of which is the water. I know that kind of sounds gross to start off with but you can’t beat the east coast sea for the heat! As beautiful as the PNW coast is,  the water is pretty baltic. So when it came up about booking a trip out to Long Island, I had the ticket paid for within minutes. Continue reading “Long Island, New York 07/20 – 02/24”

My Love, My New York – Part 2

Central Park, New York
Central Park, New York
Spending dollas in the citay

I am the worst at keeping up with this – if I could fire myself I would.

So, my last post was about traveling on a budget around the wonderful New York City. This one is going to be a wee bit shorter but has some cool night huts and places to eat that I came across while I was there. I probably wouldn’t have ventured towards them if it wasn’t for himself but really glad I did. Sure why not treat yourself! 🙂

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My Love, My New York

Central Park
Central Park
A guide to the city on a budget

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a huge love affair with New York. I recently took a trip out there with Korey (him working, me playing) and arriving back there felt as normal as returning to Galway. I’ve actually been in such a funk since leaving, I can only bring myself to write it up now.

This place can either be done on an absolute budget – or you can baller it out. I managed to swing both in (thanks to himself). The only way I’ve ever really travelled before has been on a small pocket. This would include couch surfing, dodgy, dirty hostels (always a fun time though), long bus rides, street food and basically winging it. I LOVE this though because a) I don’t make a million dollars and b) the people are always awesome that you meet along the way. So for this post, I’m going to focus on ‘economy traveling’  and hopefully it’ll give some tips on how to navigate around! Continue reading “My Love, My New York”