Maui in 3.5 Days: My Little Guide

Marriott Wailea Beach Resort

I’ve somehow managed to justify flying 6 hrs one way for a long weekend since living in the US. Not in a million years would I have considered this back in Ireland! But I find myself putting in the mileage just for a few days – and it’s always worth it. One of the (and not to brag) many benefits of living in the PNW is the accessibility to Hawaii. Making it a perfect weekend getaway when you’ve had it up to your ears with the rain, cold and grey clouds. I’m not entirely complaining – I chose to live here knowing full well and appreciating the four season this magical part of the country gets. 🙂

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Volcano, Hilo and Waikiki, Hawai’i May 22 – 25 2016

Richardson's Beach, Hilo, Hawai'i
Richardson’s Beach, Hilo, Hawai’i

Aloha – again!

For the second half of my Big Island adventure, I headed down south to Volcano Village with Jess to check out the activity down there and then up to the east coast to Hilo.

Volcano Village

On our way down to Volcano, myself and Jess stopped by South Point, the most southern part of the United States, to take in the impressive views. You can do a cliff jump off here but we weren’t sure of the spot (we spent most of the time trying to figure out where we were!). When we finished up here, we headed on to Black Sands Beach where we saw a sea turtle chillin on the sand. To be honest though, I’m not sure if it was real or fake! After here, we found a hostel to stay in for the night. Holoholo was more like a B&B than a hostel. The owner was super nice and had anything you could want available with a kitchen stocked with tea, coffee, hit chocolate and pancake mix. He also has a computer set up for guest with quick WiFi. It’s surrounded by trees and feels like you’re in the middle of a jungle! At $30 a night, it was very comfortable and peaceful. We both agreed we’d stay again if we were back in the area. That night we went to a restaurant nearby and wolfed down some much needed food.

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Kona, Hawaii May 19 – 22 2016

Aloha, Aloha, Aloha,

Kona is beautiful.

The beaches are white sand with crystal clear water, there are so many places to adventure and the people are super friendly. I could of easily sat tight here for the rest of my stay but I somehow limited it to 4 days.

Mike, my CS host couldn’t have been better. Not only did he teach me the rules of the road, (you can actually turn right on a red light if there’s no sign saying not to!) but he brought me to the most incredible places, places that I wouldn’t have found if left to my own devices! I’m going to break down the days just to give an idea of how things went 🙂

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Getting to the Big Island: Waikiki –> Kona 17th – 18th May

Hawaiin Coastline
Hawaiin Coastline – Oahu

Finally, Aloha from Hawaii!

I’m backtracking a bit but here is a breakdown of my first part of Hawaii!

After an 11 hr layover in Auckland, where I hung out with my buddy James (who taught me frisbee, in which I’m terrible at but LOVE!), I set off for Hawaii. Now, I realized shortly before I departed Fiji that I mixed up my flights going from Oah’u to The Big Island, Hawai’i. This is all due to a time difference mix up but ANYHOO… with no place to stay in Hawaii organized (I had no Wifi for my last 4 days of Fiji) I set off in blind faith that everything would work out.

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