Dubai Part 2


So I had my first skiing lesson… in a mall… in the desert… in Dubai. It counts though right? It was cold and I had ski gear on so I’m ticking it off the bucket list! 🙂 The Mall of Emirates have an incredible ski slope built within the mall itself. Not only do they have the facilities to ski and snow board but there’s also a zipline kind of thing called a snow bullet and you can also book an encounter with the penguins… PENGUINS!! You can book a lesson online or chance going down to the Mall itself. Do give yourself about half an hour to get all of your stuff together though as they are very prompt on time and will start the lesson without you. Also, mention at the counter about a locker as it’s not included.

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Dubai Part 1


I’m going to break Dubai up in to a couple of different parts, otherwise the post would be too long!

I arrived in Dubai Staurday night and met Mary at the airport. I was delighted to see her after such a long time! We went straight to her apartment to meet her housemates Jen and Jaqueline, and to drop off my bags before figuring out what to do. She brought me to the Dubai Mall where we were able to catch one of the last fountain shows for the night. This was really cool and done to the tune of Lou Reeds – Walk On The Wild Side. If I figure out how to upload, I’ll put up the the video! After the fountain we went back to Mary’s and put together a rough plan for the week.

On Sunday we hit the road for Abu Dhabi to see Sheikh Sayed’s Mosque. This place was incredible and MASSIVE. Although it was really busy with people, it was very peaceful. To enter the Mosque, you have to have an Abaya which you can get when you get there – Just make sure to bring ID with you! In the Mosque, we were able to roam freely around everywhere except the courtyard and prayer rooms. The gardens and pools surrounding the Mosque were equally impressive and added to the tranquil vibe.

Sheikh Sayed Mosque
Sheikh Sayed Mosque

We stayed at the Mosque for over an hour and made shapes to come back to Dubai. The Mosque from Dubai is a little over an hour away by car.

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