Bucket List


I’ve gradually started ticking things off the aul bucket list but there is sooooo much more I want to see and do. The way I’m going to motivate myself to actually achieve these things is post them here and cross them off one by one. It’s always good to have a visual! ūüôā As well as this, I’ll probably add to it as I hear of new things so it’ll be a never ending story I guess!



1. Canada: Alberta (Moraine Lake, Banff), Vancouver, British Columbia

2. US: California (San Fran {Alcatraz}, Huntington Beach); Fresno (Yosemite National Falls), The Redwood Forest, Sequoia National Park; New Orleans; Texas;  Arizona (Grand Canyon); Hawaii (Kauai, Maui); Oregon (Mount Hood, Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls, The High Desert, Umpqua Hot Springs, Columbia River Gorge, Lavender Valley); Utah

3. South America: Peru (Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain), Aruba, Chile (Head Statues on Easeter Island), Brazil

4. Central America: Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica

5. Ireland: Belfast, Kerry, Giants Causeway, Go back to the Cliffs of Moher (and try to see it!), Newgrange

6. Mexico                                                                                 15. Myanmar

7. India                                                                                      16. Singapore

8. Philippines                                                                         17. Cambodia

9. Lebanon                                                                              18. Nepal: Mount Everast

10. Laos                                                                                    19. Switzerland: Grindelwald, Braunwald

11. Finland                                                                              20. Iceland: Aurora Borealis

12. Italy: Laghi Di Fusine                                                 21. Egypt

13. Bali: Tegalalang                                                             22. Czech Republic:

14. Scotland


To Do:

1. White Water Rafting

2. Paddle board through Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon

3. Really HIGH cliff jumping

4. Coachella

5. One day actually become a qualified yogi

6. Do a skydive and a bungee jump

7. Learn to do a backflip

8. Improve on my dress making skills

9. Camp in a tree

10. Get my scuba diving license

11. Go skiing (in actual snow)

12. Run a half marathon

13. Sparton Race

14. Get an Oregon Driving License